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Vaccination and Drug

affordable dog vaccination and drug

Sometimes, some of the most essential things that you can do for your pet is to give them their vaccinations and medication. But we all know that this is never nice to do, especially when they let out a yelp! You may have lost your confidence, may not know the proper way to administer the drug, or maybe you simply don’t have the time yourself. Whatever the case, you may want the help of a pro when trying to give your pooch the drug that they need. And, you’ll be pleased to hear that we can help you do just that, at Arlington Dog Groomer. Our team is always glad to lend our expertise to such a job and we can promise care and attention throughout. So, save yourself the worry and give our team a call, for our pet vaccination and drug services.

In-House Vaccinations 

Every dog needs injections during their life, especially while they are still puppies. They are important for their safe and healthy development and should be a priority for every dog owner. And, if you would like to have your dog vaccinated from the comfort of their own homes, in a stress-free way, then we can be of help. One of the members of our team can make their way to your house and deliver your pet the injection right there, giving them no reason to panic. That way, your dog gets the essential protections that it needs, without any of the hassles.

Drug Administration 

If your dog is currently having to take a course of medication, this can be some of the most difficult stuff to administer. It can be difficult to make a dog swallow a pill and if they require eye or ear drops, these are never the easiest to apply. But with a steady and experienced hand, and the right care and attention, it can be done. So, leave the job to our team and know that is exactly what your dog will be getting.

Insulin Injections 

Many dogs are born with or develop diabetes at some point in their life. To deal with this, many have to take regular insulin shots in the same way as any other human would. But much like vaccinations, many pups get scared and panic over their shot and it can be difficult to administer if you have no experience. But that is why we are here to help. You can call on us as regularly as you need to take care of your dog’s insulin and we would even be glad to give you a quick lesson on the best ways to do it.

Safety and Care 

No matter which particular vaccination or drug administration service you need, we want to assure you of our consistently safe and caring services. We understand the stresses your pet could be going through and the responsibility we have for proper health care. So, we’ll always apply the correct techniques and show personal care to your pooch, to make sure we get the job done effectively, in the most gentle way.

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