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Hair Cut

affordable dog hair cut services

One of the most important services that you can offer your pooch is regular hair cutting. If you are leaving your dog to grow out its coat without the proper care, then it could easily be getting matted and tangled, likely causing your pet some discomfort. But, with some professional coat trimming, your dog could be feeling and looking its best, even on the hottest days of the year. So, give your dog the care that it deserves and give our team a call about our mobile pet hair cutting service. We can bring all of our tools and supplies straight to your home and take care of the job there, so neither you nor your little buddy have to stress over a thing.

General Trim 

You should be having your dog’s fur trimmed up every 4-8 weeks. While it can depend on the breed and their coat, you ought to be giving them a cut sometime within this timeframe. Doing that can help to keep uncomfortable knots or mats away, and will generally help your pup to feel better for longer. Our team will be glad to help you with this and can offer general trims for a very affordable price, right from the comfort of your home. So, give us a call today and we’ll find you a suitable appointment right away.

Styled Cut 

On the other hand, if you care to give your dog more than just the basic trim and neaten-up, then you may be interested in a styled haircut. Every breed has its signature look and you could be bringing out the best in that, by using a styled cut. All of the members of our team are very skilled with puppy cuts and so, by trusting us to take care of your need, you know you are going to get fantastic results. We’ll leave your pooch looking better than ever and no doubt standing there confidently, with tail held high.

Brush Out 

For us, a big part of any cut needs to be the brush out. Whether your dog needs a styled cut or a simply trim up, we take brushing equally seriously. That is because we know just how uncomfortable a matted coat can be and no pup wants to have to deal with that. So, we’ll use our various brushes and combs to delicately brush out any knotted-up hair and leave behind a smoother feeling coat, which we can cut more accurately.

Wash and Cut  

Of course, if you want your pooch’s fur to feel as good as it can after a cut, then you may want to combine the service with a full wash. This is easily the most ideal combo, as it makes your dog feel more comfortable and it means that we can give the best quality cut, which can last the longest. We think it is all but essential and for that reason, we only charge a small additional fee for the entire wash and blow-dry, so we can make sure every dog can enjoy the service.

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