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About Our Team

happy dog groomer with dog

Our name is Arlington Dog Groomer and we are your local pet-loving team of dog groomers. Based out of the city of Arlington, TX, we serve local residents and their furry friends with the very best mobile services in grooming and care. We know that every dog needs to be shown affection and given all of the right methods of care in their life, to live their happiest. And, we want to be able to bring exactly that to your pet through our range of fantastic services. Our team is very experienced and highly trained in what goes into the highest standard of pet care. So, if you want to see your little buddy getting the very best, you know you are going to find it in our team.

Just like you, we are nothing more than pet lovers. Every member of our team has their own pet and shares in the same passion as we are certain you do. We show care to animal as if it were our own and that is why you can always count on us, whenever you leave your pooch in our care. Our clients know just how trustworthy we really are and we hope to never let down any one of our clients or their pets. And, if you too ever needed any one of our services, we can promise you just the same thing. So, whenever you next need professional care for your dog, we hope that you remember the friendly members of Arlington Dog Groomer.

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