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Dog Grooming Arlington


Your special little buddy deserves all of the love and care in the world. And what better way to show your dog that you care, than by giving him or her a treatment that will make them feel their very best? At Arlington Dog Groomer, that is just what we can do for you, through our list of great grooming services. We’ll pamper your pooch better than ever before and make sure that they are feeling and looking their greatest.

About Us 

Based out of the city of Arlington, TX, we are the most trusted team of dog groomers and pet carers anywhere in town. We have a ton of experience working with dogs of all sorts and we, like yourself, are incredibly passionate for every single one. There is nothing we enjoy more than helping our customers give their pets the grooming care that it deserves. And, when you call us about any of our services, we can guarantee that your dog will enjoy it just as much too.


Arlington Dog Groomer is a mobile dog grooming service, able to provide all of our services at your own home. We understand the hassle that comes with having to schedule appointments for your pet and finding the time to go to them. So instead, give yourself and your pup the minimum stress and allow us to bring all of our great services to you.

professional dog full grooming service

Full Grooming

If you want to give your dog the ultimate in care and attention, few things compare to our fantastic full grooming service. We’ll give your pet’s coat a deep cleaning with delicate shampoos and conditioners, which trade all of the dirt and grime for a fresh and healthy scent. Then, we’ll give them an all-over trim, getting out the weight of the fur and leaving your dog feeling much more comfortable. And, to finish, all of the important details are covered, like your dog’s ears, paws, nails, and we can even give them a thorough facial if you would like. At least every once in a while, make sure your special little friend is given the luxe pamper that they deserve.

Hair Cut

To make sure that your dog’s fur is staying under control and comfortable for them, whatever the weather, you should give us a call for regular haircuts. We can come and give your pet a trim right in your garden or even in the bathtub if you would prefer, but always giving the very best. Our experienced team knows a range of great styles and we can be specific to the breed as well, making sure that every cut looks the best that it possibly can.

professional dog hair cut service
professional nail and paw pad trim

Nail and Paw Pad Trim

Given that your pooch’s paws are always exposed to the world around them, it can be common to see them getting weak and unhealthy. You don’t want your dog picking up any nasty issues with them or even feeling discomfort and pain. So, you need to be taking advantage of our nail and paw pad trimming service. At Arlington Dog Groomer, we can come directly to your home and help manicure your pet, until we know that they can run and walk as far as you like, without having to suffer along the way.


You might be pleased to know that we can also provide some of the most dependable pet sitting services anywhere in Arlington, at Arlington Dog Groomer. Our team is always happy to hang out with our favorite customers and when you have a busy day ahead, we would be glad to offer our support. So, give us a call about our doggy daycare and we would be more than glad to organize the service for you.

professional day care service
professional dog boarding service


Perhaps you need to go away on business or you have a special weekend booked ahead, but whenever you need to leave the house for a night or two, you want to know that your dog is being cared for. There is no better way for you to do that than by trusting in our pet boarding services. Your pup will be able to stay in one of our facilities with one of the friendly members of our team, in a comfortable, clean, and stress-free environment. You already know you can count on the superior care of our team and when that ends up in a sleepover for your dog, we’re sure they’ll agree!

Vaccination and Drug

Having to give your pet drugs and vaccines is never enjoyable but it is very necessary. However, taking them to the vet or even trying to do it yourself can be stress and worry for an animal. Instead, they would be much more comfortable being in a relaxed setting and being handled by experts. That is just what we can offer. Our mobile pet care services can extend to vaccinations and medicating right in your very own home. There is no greater peace of mind than doing the job this way and in the long run, it’ll be something that benefits your dog hugely.

professional dog vaccination and drug

Contact Us For More Information

No matter which one of our mobile dog grooming or pet care services you need, we’ll always be there to display the utmost quality and care. We’ll make the experience the very best that it can be for you and your dog, and make sure that they always keep looking and feeling their best.

happy dog at boarding

“I can always count on the team at Arlington Dog Groomer. Super friendly, super caring, and super passionate! I love these guys and so does my little Benny!” – Angela R

happy dog at daycare

“Arlington Dog Groomer always do their best when they come to my house and my dog just loves to have them visit. Thank you all so much for your care and awesome attitude to your work.” – Freddie W

happy dog getting a bath

“I would never trust anyone else over Arlington Dog Groomer to care for my dog. Their services are the best and the treatment that they give shows me that I’m placing my faith in the right people to look after him .” – Lauren H